Stony Man

Shenandoah, Virginia: Stony Man

Shenandoah, 80 miles of Virginia’s BlueRidge. Amongst the blue haze, tripod in hand, I cross the Stony Man of Shenandoah. A lava extrude 800 million years old, 4011 feet high. The extrude has morphed into the dense greenstone capping the Blue Ridge. Spectacular views await at the top: the irregular wall of stone on the west and the tile like mosaic of the foot hill farms of the east. An unusual mist falls below, deep in the valley below. Winds try to hurl me off the ridge, fascinated, I watched the clinging mist yield to the wind as the sun falls. No photograph this time, late start and weather. Although, I wouldn’t have risked missing the chance to be part of natures emotion.

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